Gear Loadout

Off to work in Bosnia and Croatia tomorrow and as I’m OCD enough to lay out my gear to make sure I’ve not forgotten something, I thought I’d share my pro travel setup. I’m trying a couple of new additions this trip to my normal ‘essentials':

Bags: HoldFast Gear Roamographer for air carry on (I can’t afford to be without the ‘essentials’ to shoot with in case my hold luggage goes missing.) And then decant what I need day-to day into the smaller Holdfast Sightseer.
Strap: Holdfast Money Maker
Bodies: Sony A7 & Sony A7r. I recently switched to these from my full frame Nikons due to weight. A sony with 24-70 weighs about the same as just one of my lenses for the Nikons. Been very impressed with them so far.
Lenses: 70-200 Sony f4, Zeiss 24-70 f4, Zeiss 55 f1.8 & Zeiss 16-35 f4 & various filters.
Tripod: Joby gorillapod pro with 3 Legged Thing head. (i’ve learnt that while a tripod is really useful a lot of places don’t allow you to use them so it’s a pain to carry a bigger tripod unnecessarily).
Lighting: YongNuo flash (cheap as I somehow bust flashes constantly), Yongnuo LED panel (a new addition I’m testing out) and an Fstoppers flash disc (to diffuse flash).
13 Macbook Pro, Iphone Kindle, 2x1tb Western Digital drives for backup,Bang & Olufsen H8 & mifi 3g
Various sd cards, batteries, leads chargers and remotes.
Passport, notepad & pen and hip-flask (in case of emergencies, flight delays etc). ECTechnology 22400 power bank, (serious backup charger and a bargain on Amazon somehow).

If you have any questions on the gear please ask away and I’ll try and help! – Simon